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Introducing ParaDJ, your personal, human-driven music curation service.

ParaDJ makes it easy to find great music by assigning you your own personal, human DJ to find that music for you.

ParaDJ is a personal, human-driven music curation service. Your own assigned, personal DJ finding and pointing you to the music that meets your individual preference. No algorithms or computers, just real ears connected to real brains, resulting in real music recommendations—just for you.


“Today’s music listener is totally overwhelmed by the amount of music available. Helping that listener sort through the 20 million songs that they have in their pocket to find something that they’d enjoy listening to next, perhaps something new, or perhaps an old favorite, will indeed be a key part of the new music business.” -Paul Lamere, Music Machinery
  • Choose a Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly package.
  • Fill out your music preference profile.
  • A DJ will be assigned to you based off your profile.
  • This DJ will provide you with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly briefings through a personal page set up for you. These briefings contain your personal music recommendations, analysis of each recommendation and various options for listening to, purchasing or downloading the recommended music.
  • Use the Feedback fields to tell your DJ which songs you liked and want more of, which songs you didn’t like, which songs you have already heard, or any other preferences. Your DJ will adjust your briefings accordingly.

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